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What is Dental Bonding and Why is it Needed?

Bonding is a common dental procedure that applies tooth-colored composite materials to damaged teeth. It can be used to fix chips, cracks, and other unsightly problems with teeth. Unlike veneers, bonding can be done in one visit and requires no fancy prosthetics to be made. The procedure is called bonding because of the was the composite material bonds to the teeth and becomes part of the natural tooth. It is a permanent procedure that repairs the appearance of teeth. The Comfort Care Family Dental team has years of experience with dental bonding.

What it’s Used For?

Bonding is often considered to be the easiest, as well as the least expensive, option when it comes to cosmetic dental procedures. The composite resin used in the procedure can be shaped to resemble teeth and can be fashioned to fill in any cracks or chips. It also can be used to fill in gaps between teeth for a more uniform smile and can also be used to improve the color of teeth. Dental bonding can, in some cases, be used instead of amalgam fillings. In some cases, it is also used to offer protection and covering to exposed roots and nerves in patients with severe gum disease. Our dental team can help you determine if you are a good candidate for bonding treatments, so call for your consultation appointment today!

How It’s Done

• The right composite resin color is chosen so it can match your natural teeth.
• The surface of the tooth to be treated will be lightly sanded to roughen the exterior enamel layer.
• Next, the bonding material is prepared and the tooth surface once it has been cleaned.
• Then the resin will be applied and shaped as needed to fix the problems with the tooth or teeth.
• After the material hardens, it will be sanded and polished to resemble natural enamel.
• Most bonding treatments can be done in 30-60 minutes per tooth and need no anesthesia.
• If you’re having more than one tooth done, multiple visits or longer visits are needed.

Taking Care of Your Teeth After Bonding

Once you have dental bonding treatments, your teeth will look healthier and brighter. It is important to take care of them and follow good oral hygiene practices. Bonding treatments do not give you an excuse to neglect day to day care of your teeth and gums! Tea, coffee, cigarette smoke, and other substances can stain the resin. Bad habits like chewing ice or hard candy can chip bonding, especially within the first few days as it continues to cure and fully bond to the teeth. You must take care of your dental bonding areas with normal brushing and flossing. Our patients continue with normal dental care as if nothing was different.

Risks Associated With Dental Bonding

The composite resin used in dental binding is not as strong as natural tooth material,  so it is important to protect them from impact injuries. With good care and proper attention, dental bonding usually lasts several years before it needs to be repaired. The exact life-span depends on your teeth, the lifestyle choices you make, your overall health, and other factors as well. Our dental experts can help you with preparation and care before and after bonding treatments so you get the best results possible!

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