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Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Your Dental Checkups

Here are Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Your Dental Checkups

When you see your dentist, you know the basics of what goes on: a cleaning, cavity check, maybe some x-rays, and an evaluation of your overall dental health. But there is much more behind these visits and this is what makes them so important.  And it is not just your teeth and gums but the rest of your body that needs to stay in the best possible shape as well. Here are five things you may be surprised to learn goes on during a normal dental checkup:

Checks For Warning Signs of Cancer

One thing many people are unaware of is that your dentist is one of the first lines of defense when it comes to protecting yourself against cancer, especially oral and throat cancer. Your dentist knows your mouth and can detect changes that could be warning signs of cancer during a dental checkup. These warning signs include things like bleeding gums, sores, infections, and bone deterioration among other signs. When your dentist sees the signs, action can be taken to protect your health.

Dental Health Equals Overall Health

Keeping your teeth healthy and clean does more than keep your smile looking bright. Your oral health is directly linked to your overall health and many issues that start with the teeth and gums can spread through the body and make other health conditions worse. Heart disease, infection, high blood pressure, pregnancy risks, stroke risks, and other health concerns have all been linked to poor oral health and hygiene.

Bad Breath is a Clue to Your Overall Health

We often go out of our way to mask bad breath, but this should not be done when you go to see your dentist. This is because breath odor is more than just offensive, it’s one of the first clues to there being an underlying dental problem that needs to be addressed. Sometimes the first clue that something may be off with your dental care comes when the dentist smells your breath. So, skip the mints before your dental appointment and be honest about flare-ups and how bad your breath really is day in and day out.

Sooner Rather Than Later is Always Best

Many people live in a state of denial when they have dental problems and just hope things get better or that they can hold out a little longer without needing a dental checkup. This is farthest from the truth; in fact, without proper treatment, the smallest dental issue can quickly grow into a massive headache and lead to other health concerns. Cavities and plaque can quickly lead to gum disease and missing teeth among other issues. It is always best to get dental care now rather than later.

Dentists Give Toothbrushes For a Reason

Brushing is the single best thing you can do to protect your teeth and of course, your dentist knows this and wants you to be responsible for your day to day dental care. Giving you a toothbrush is a reminder to take charge and be responsible every single day with brushing and flossing. Always brush and floss at night, even if you forgot all day long. Night time brushing is important because that is when bacteria thrive and most dental conditions worsen.

Dentists Give Toothbrushes For a Reason

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