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Advances in Teeth Filling Technology

Biocompatible fillings are designed to be strong and made of a composite that has been specially designed to be just as strong as natural tooth

What are Biocompatible Fillings?

The world has seen many great advances in modern medicine and the dental field has seen a fair number of these- one of the best being the development of biocompatible fillings. This new filling is being used in place of traditional silver fillings and offer a safer and better option for tooth filling needs.

There are plenty of reasons to choose biocompatible fillings over silver, the most obvious being the fact that old-style fillings have a high level of mercury in them, one of the most toxic elements there are. There is also the cosmetic reason to consider- silver fillings show up and are easy to see whereas the newer fillings are made from materials that more closely resemble the color of the natural tooth. If you are looking for a place to go to take advantage of these advances in teeth filling technology, Comfort Care Family Dental in Naperville, IL is the place to go! We have years of experience and can help get you started on the path to replacing silver fillings with something better.

Biocompatible fillings are designed to be strong and made of a composite that has been specially designed to be just as strong as natural tooth and to adhere easily and securely, thus giving it a longer lifespan over traditional fillings. The composite is made from materials that are considered to be safe and fairly neutral compared to the toxic materials used in traditional fillings. 


Replacing Silver Fillings With Something Better

Silver fillings were the go-to solution for fillings for years and some dentists are still using them today due to their strength and longevity. They can last 15 years or more without major problems if they are installed properly and maintained as they should be day to day. However, silver fillings still present some issues of concern when it comes to the mercury used in the fillings- up to 50% of the material used in the filling is mercury! For these reasons, some patients they want the old silver fillings removed and want to fill them with biocompatible fillings that look better and have less health risks.

The debate still rage on about the safety of these silver and mercury fillings and since there is no accepted conclusive evidence of harm being done by silver fillings, many still say they are perfectly fine- which is why it can still be used in dental fillings. Others hold to the logic that any amount of mercury in your body for years upon years cannot be good and will have a negative impact on the body. If you are worried about your old silver fillings and want to learn more about replacing silver fillings with something better, then come see us at Comfort Care Family Dental in Naperville, IL, and let us show you how you can get new biocompatible fillings! We are here to help you and are ready and willing to answer any questions and concerns you may have and help you understand your options. With years of experience with advances in teeth filling technology and general dental care, we are ready to help with any need you have!

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Keeping on top of your dental care routine can be a challenge at times, and many tend to ignore their teeth until something goes wrong. The overall health and wellness of an individual is closely tied to their dental health so it is of the utmost importance that they take care of their teeth each and every day. Keeping all scheduled checkups, maintaining a good care routine at home, and addressing any problems as soon as they arise are all great ways to protect your teeth from damage. But when damage has been done and you find yourself facing the news that you need fillings, take heart in knowing there have been great advances in teeth filling technology and we can put them to work for you! Whether you need new fillings put in or you are looking at replacing silver fillings with something better, we have the answers you are looking for. Contact Comfort Care Family Dental in Naperville, Illnois today to set up your consultation appointment with our dental team and discover for yourself how a new smile can dramatically change your life and your future!

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