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What is Causing My Tooth Pain?

People often complain of tooth pain for one reason or another and it is one of the most commonly reported issues dentists hear from their patients. There are many factors and causes of tooth pain that you have to be on the lookout for. Local dental care and assistance, like what you will find here at Comfort Care Family Dental, can help! Learn more about “What Is Causing My Tooth Pain?” below:

What Is Causing My Tooth Pain?”

Sensitivity to temperature

This sort of dental pain is usually fleeting and only temporary, but it usually signals a minor problem within the tooth itself. Exposure to hot temperatures like coffee and soup or colder temperature like ice and chilled fruit can lead to pain. This can be caused by developing cavities, tooth decay, wearing enamel, root nerve damage, and infections. The best thing to do for this type of sensitivity, beyond telling your dentist so they can check for decay and other issues, is to use special toothpaste and mouthwashes designed for sensitive teeth. This is one of the causes of tooth pain that our team of local dental care and assistance experts can help with!

Sensitivity after dental treatment

Dental work can also cause dental pain. Isn’t dental care supposed to make teeth feel better? Well, yes they do in the long run but depending on what had to be fixed, there may be trauma to the underlying areas of the tooth and gum that are painful while they heal. This pain usually is temporary and is often gone completely in a few days to a few weeks depending on what type of work was done.  Dental cleanings and simple extractions may take 5-7 days for full pain-free recovery. More advanced work like pulling teeth for dentures and partials can take 1-2 months to fully heal and recover.

Sharp pain when chewing

The most common reasons why people experience this sort of dental pain include tooth decay, loose or missing fillings, cracked teeth, or severe gum infections. A simple filling can easily be replaced to relieve the pain but cracked teeth and gum infections require a more advanced plan of attack and require a visit to a dental surgeon or expert in the field of cosmetic dentistry. These experts can remove decay, protect the roots of the teeth, and seal any spaces or cracks before they become infected. This makes chewing easier and prevents particles of food from getting into the tooth and gums and thus further irritating the problems and intensifying the pain.  At Comfort Care Family Dental, we offer local dental care and assistance to all so all or stop by today to see the difference we can make!

Lingering pain after eating

It is important that you pay very close attention to this symptom if it is one that you are experiencing on a regular basis. This is the one symptom that can easily be ignored and overlooked yet it is one of the most threatening of them all.  This type of pain could mean that your tooth is infected. If tooth decay or damage is left untreated, and the pain is ignored or overlooked as just annoying sensitivity or eating something a little too hard or sweet that day, the symptoms will worsen and the decay will advance until the tooth dies from the inside out.  There are several dental procedures that can be used to save the remaining part of the tooth while cleaning out the decay and infection.

What Is Causing My Tooth Pain?

There are many things that can actually be the underlying causes of tooth pain and your local dental care and assistance team can help you find relief. Constant pain, regardless of whether you are chewing, what you have eaten, or what you are doing is something that cannot be ignored- it is a sign of an acute infection. Without treatment to kill the infection and protect the remaining teeth the infection can grow, you could lose multiple teeth, the infection and get into the jaw bone and weaken it, and advanced infections can get into your bloodstream and spread throughout the body. This can be fatal so you have to take care of this type of tooth pain as soon as possible- you cannot afford to put it off!

causes of tooth pain

To learn more about the common causes of tooth pain and what treatment options there are available to you give the Comfort Care Family Dental team a call. When it comes to finding local dental care and assistance, none are better and you will not find a dental team as knowledgeable and experienced as us!  So make the appointment and put an end to your dental pain once and for all!

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