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Ways to Go Green With Your Dental Care Routine

Understanding the Benefits of Going Green With Your Dental Care Routine

When it comes to finding natural health and beauty products, most people think about hair, skin, and maybe their nails. Few, if any, really think about their dental care when it comes to taking a more natural approach to daily care routines. However, going green with your dental care routine can go a long way in protecting not just your oral health, but your overall health as well. For some ideas on how to go green with brushing, flossing, and dental care, here are some tips we here at Comfort Care Family Dental offer to all of our Naperville patients:


Many people are making major mistakes when it comes to their dental care and hygiene- and it is largely due to their toothbrush. Most people do not replace their toothbrush often enough or continue using them after they have been sick or had major dental work done. This can spread germs and infection and further damage your teeth and gums with each brushing. Also, many people are using toothbrushes that may have harmful ingredients that are leeching out with every brushing session. If you want to go green with your toothbrush, we recommend you look for BPA-free nylon bristles. There are also brushes on the market that have activated charcoal infused into the bristles for additional cleaning and whitening power. There are even toothbrushes for vegans and those who strive to live cruelty-free, and these plant-based toothbrushes are becoming more and more popular as well. There are many ways to go with a more natural approach to dental care, starting with the very basics of your dental care!


The common cleansing ingredient that is used in just about every brand of conventional toothpaste is a chemical compound known as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). This is, in fact, a harsh soap that has been shown to lead to mouth cores, irritated tissue, bleeding gums, and even pain and blisters in people who are overly sensitive to it. Additionally, many people today are worried about the effects of fluoride and are concerned about getting too much with their daily brushing. Fortunately, it is easy to make your own chemical-free version of toothpaste that can actually be healthier for you and way more effective. These natural homemade toothpaste options taste better than any commercial type, won’t burn your mouth and gums, and will do a better job at keeping your teeth and gums clean and healthy. If you are not ready to tackle a DIY project, there are a handful of brands out there today that make natural toothpaste alternatives and you can give them a try. Try some of them and also talk to your dental team here at Comfort Care Family Dental to learn more about how you can go green with your dental care routine.


Before you do your normal brushing routine you can add an extra level of cleaning and sanitizing power to your dental care routine with oil pulling. This ancient holistic practice is one where you are simply swishing cold-pressed oil in your mouth before brushing. The idea behind the ancient practice of oil pulling is that the natural oils will help pull out toxins from your system. You swish the oil around in your mouth, pushing and pulling it through your teeth and all around your mouth for approximately 3-5 minutes. Some people do it for longer, but usually, after a few minutes, you have gotten at least some of the benefits form the oil pulling. The oils that are typically used for this are coconut, olive, or sesame oil. When you are done pulling, spit out the oil and continue with your normal dental cleaning routine. Oil pulling can help you go green with your dental care routine in Naperville, and we here at Comfort Care Family Dental can help you maximize the effectiveness of your daily care routine.


One easy way to go green with your dental care routine is to take a look at what is in the products we use every day- such as the mouthwash we use every day. We all have been told, since our childhood, that we need to be using mouthwash to ensure our teeth and gums are clean and our breath smells great. Many types of mouthwash today claim to help build enamel, fight infections, remove stains, and do any number of other things. Unfortunately, almost all commercial mouthwashes are alcohol-based. The alcohol not only causes that painful burn that comes with using them, it can also be causing more harm than good to your mouth! It is believed these mouthwashes severely dry out the cells and weaken them; this makes it easier for infection and other carcinogens to take hold. This can lead to gum disease, dry mouth, oral lesions, and even cancer. This is terrifying news for many who have been using these mouthwashes since childhood, but thankfully, new brands are being created that offer a safer and more natural approach to dental care.


When it comes to finding innovative ways to go green with your dental care routine, a great place for  Naperville residents to start is with their teeth whitening practices. Keeping teeth bright and white is a constant battle, especially for those who are addicted to coffee and tea or who smoke or drink a lot of alcohol. Many of our patients here at Comfort Care Family Dental come to us asking about safer alternatives to their whitening. The answer is, yes, there are much safer and effective ways to whiten your teeth than the whitening kits that are sold in stores. Hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, activated charcoal, and sage are all common remedies people have been using for decades to keep their teeth white. Strawberries are another favorite that surprises many people, but it can be used to make an effective whitening paste when combined with baking soda. These natural whitening alternatives are safe and effective and don’t carry the risk of damaging your teeth or gums in the attempt to get them a few shades whiter. This is an easy way for you to start learning how to go green with your dental care routine.


A diet that is good for your overall health and wellbeing is also good for your oral health. The best diet is one that is full of healthy fats, fiber, lots of vitamins and minerals, and little to no sugar. A lack of proper vitamins and minerals, combined with an excess of carbs and sugar, will cause your teeth to be weakened. Weakened teeth are more prone to cavities and other serious problems. Genetics play a role in teeth health, so it is important to give your baby the best start possible and to ensure your children are prepared to take care of their teeth. You can’t prevent every issue but you can take care of yourself during pregnancy and ensure you practice good oral care routine with your children, even in infancy. The habits they learn early in life will be with them for the rest of their life so make sure they know the importance of a healthy diet.

Going Green With Your Dental Care Routine

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