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Reasons to Get Dental Bonding Treatments

Dental bonding may be one the most commonly requested dental treatments but it is also one of the least understood. Dental bonding treatments are basically a special procedure that takes specially made composite material and applies it to the teeth to improve the look and shape. This material goes on as a paste and is hardened with a special infrared light that keeps it in the desired shape.

Dental bonding is often done to correct the minor defects of the teeth and mouth within the structure of natural teeth. Here at Comfort Care Family Dental, we are proud to be a leader in advanced dental care treatments and procedures and our Naperville dental experts are ready to help you get the perfect smile you have been dreaming of!


How Are Dental Bonding Treatments Beneficial?

Dental bonding is most commonly used to correct minor dental issues that impact the structure and appearance of teeth. Small imperfections can be fixed and the look and feel of the teeth can be preserved. Our Naperville dental experts used dental bonding treatments for issues and problems like:

  • cavity holes that are caused by decay and tooth structure loss
  • chipped or cracked teeth that need their structure improved or repaired
  • gaps and spaces between teeth that can make tooth loose and shift out of place
  • uneven teeth spacing and alignment that make teeth look unattractive
  • misshapen teeth that need to be more aesthetically pleasing
  • replacement options for less effective old-fashioned, silver fillings
  • discoloration due to staining or loss of tooth enamel
  • fighting the effects of gum disease and root exposure on affected teeth


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