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Don't go to the ER for emergency dentistry

Don’t Go to the ER for Emergency Dentistry

Where to Look for Emergency Dentistry

It’s night, the weekend, or a holiday. Suddenly you fall and break a tooth, or for some mysterious reason, a tooth simply starts hurting fiercely. Your immediate impulse might be to seek the urgent dental care you need in the local hospital emergency room. That, after all, is where you would head for help with many another medical emergency, and it would be the right choice.

Don't go to the ER for emergency dentistry

It isn’t, however, the best choice for weekend dental care or other immediate dental care. Here’s why:

Emergency Dentistry at the ER

The average hospital simply doesn’t have anyone qualified to perform urgent dental care. About all anyone in the ER will be able to do is give you pain medication or antibiotics and refer you to an after hours dental clinic or somewhere similar. So you’ll end up seeing a dentist for your urgent dental care anyway. By going to the ER, you’ll simply have wasted precious time.

Well, that and, quite possibly, wasted a fair amount of money. A trip to the ER generally costs hundreds of dollars. Even if you have medical insurance, you could end up with significant out-of-pocket expenses.

Emergency Dentistry at the Dentist’s Office

In marked contrast to the personnel in the ER, an emergency dentist is qualified to provide emergency dentistry, and he or she will do so without painful delays and unnecessary charges. The emergency dentist has the experience and expertise to deal with all the reasons people seek urgent dental care, including swelling, toothache, jaw injuries, the loss of a permanent tooth, or uncontrolled bleeding.

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