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Why Are Dentists Moving Away From Fluoride Toothpaste?

Have you ever looked at the warning labels on a tube of regular toothpaste? It is enough to make anyone second-guess the wisdom of outing that in our bodies when you read things like “Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use on children under the age of 6. If amount more than normally used is swallowed contact poison control or get medical help immediately.” Sounds like a warning label for a potent medicine rather than toothpaste. This is part of the reason why the risks of fluoride overdose have become a major concern for dentists and their patients. Fortunately, this has given rise to new options for toothpaste that do not have the risky side effects.

Why Are Dentists Moving Away From Fluoride?

Some studies in recent years have shown that fluoride could have negative effects on the body that is on par with lead poisoning or arsenic.  To make matters worse, people who are highly sensitive to chemicals or certain materials and elements could have a severe allergic reaction to fluoride- symptoms can range from hives and rashes to mouth sores, bleeding gums, and in rare cases severe anaphylaxis reactions. This is why the risks of fluoride overdose are being so closely examined and why new options for toothpaste are shifting towards natural ingredients.

Make the Change if Your Health Risks Warrant 

Even though there is still debate about how bad fluoride really is and if the benefits of treatments with fluoride outweigh certain risks, many people are choosing natural toothpastes and cleaners. They used to be hard to find and were very limited in options but that is beginning to change and more and more products are being introduced all the time that make natural choices easier and more affordable. One of the most common natural toothpaste options is aloe vera based toothpaste, and fluoride free baking soda toothpaste.  Many health food stores and organic produce shops are now offering beauty and dental products that are safer- so there are more ways to get toothpaste that is fluoride free than ever before! Ask about the options available to you!

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If you have questions about the risks of fluoride overdose from your toothpaste use and what new options for toothpaste are available, come talk to our dental care experts today! We would love the opportunity to help you take the next step to taking care of your dental health while also preserving your overall health. Call today and let’s get started.

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