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What Is Facial Collapse & How to Prevent It

What Is Facial Collapse & How to Prevent It?

Your body receives a signal whenever your teeth go missing. Unfortunately, the message is not always good, considering that the signal sent indicates that the jawbone that initially supported your teeth may not be needed. Consequently, your body interprets the message and reabsorbs the bones, using the nutrients elsewhere since the bone is no longer needed. As a result, the jawbone shrinks, with the shrinkage becoming severe over time.

By the time ten years elapses, patients may suffer from facial collapse. As a result, the face sags and forms a shriveled appearance. This can bring about social challenges and could interfere with one’s self-esteem. However, facial shrinkage is not just a matter of cosmetic challenges. For example, if you wear dentures, you will be forced to have them on the jawbone, which means irritating the jawbone, making it sore and uncomfortable.

In the end, the lower dentures may become difficult and sometimes impossible to stay in place, thus leading to challenges with chewing. In the end, the jawbone may lose its ability to support the dentures. The good news is that you do not have to wait for things to get out of hand before you can rectify them.

How to Prevent Facial Collapse

The risk of facial collapse occurs when the jawbone lacks the proper stimulation. When all your natural teeth collapse and get lost, it is your responsibility to ensure that you provide stimulation deep into the jawbone. This can be achieved through dental implants. The good news is that you can actually accomplish this using a few implants and not necessarily have to have implants installed in the whole mouth. The important thing is to ensure you go for high-quality implants.

Is Facial Collapse Treatable?

While facial collapse is generally preventable, it happens when people wearing dentures and those who may be missing teeth suffer from significant jawbone loss. Oral surgery by dental experts can help restore matters and improve any challenges that may arise from this. Generally, though, dental implants are an effective solution to all this.

Taking Charge of Facial Collapse

You can use dental implants to prevent dental collapse. The implant has a surgically placed root form in the jawbone. This root form sends the body a message that the jawbone is still needed hence will not be reabsorbed into the body. If you are worried about the pricing, you need to talk to a dental specialist who understands your case. They may come up with two implants that are sufficient to support your dentures. This way, you do not have to trade the quality of the implant for a cheaper version of substandard alternatives. Instead, you save more than half the cost of implants on single implants and still get the job done.

What if the Problem has Progressed?

If you are already dealing with face collapse, then your focus should be on rebuilding the jawbone. This means that you must consider bone grafting and find ways to build up your jawbone. The aim is to improve bone density and provide a platform for implants to be accommodated. Once you successfully build a jawbone, implants are placed to help support dentures and enhance your facial collapse status.

With the assistance of the right dentist, it is possible to facial collapse reversal and bone grafting. Just make sure to choose an expert with experience in this kind of dental service. With the right expert, it is possible to achieve your most desired smile and generally enhance your look, to attain a more youthful and comfortable look. So book your appointment with the specialist today and start the reversal journey today


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