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Protecting Your Childs Teeth from Halloween Candy

Protecting Your Child’s Teeth from Halloween Candy

Whether old or young, everyone looks up to Halloween. This is especially the case for the kids who start dreaming of the next Halloween as soon as the current one is over. You cannot judge the little ones harshly. Some adults spend the whole year planning there Halloween costumes and coming up with office pranks. It is the time of the year that everyone is allowed to be a big baby and get away with it. Besides just because people buy candy to give out to kids who knock our doors, it doesn’t mean they are not allowed to dip their hands into the cookie jar.

For the kids, the highlight of Halloween is candy. They want to drown in it. You can’t blame them. Everyone loved candy as a child and for most, even as adults they still enjoy candy. It is therefore not surprising that most kids consider Halloween to be their favorite holiday. They get to dress up as people they idolize and then go on to accumulate and eat endless candy.

Like everything else in life, there is catch in the joys of Halloween. Apart from the well documented negative effects of sugar on health and well-being, ranging from obesity to diabetes, candy is detrimental to other very important parts of our body, the teeth. Our teeth are more than tools we use to crush our food. They help us pronounce words correctly. We smile with confidence when our teeth are present and clean. It is therefore very important that you do not let your child lose their teeth during the festivities of Halloween.

We are all about you and your kid’s enjoying life while still being conscious enough not to suffer any negative effects. If you take proper precautions before and oversee proper post-Halloween teeth cleaning, your kids’ teeth will remain healthy. They will not miss school because of toothache or be bullied due to decaying or absent teeth. Should you need professional help to clean the teeth in case of plaques or decay, we will help without hesitation. The only thing that children should scream about during Halloween are witches and ghosts. The only thing that should scare you is your partner’s pranks, not your child losing their teeth. In this article will offer some tips that will go a long way in ensuring your child’s teeth are protected from Halloween candy.

Tip #1: Minimize Sticky Candies

Sticky Candies such as gummy bears, caramel, and candy corn are the most harmful to your child’s teeth. These candies stick to their teeth like glue and lodge in crevices which are hard to reach when brushing. The sugar that is stuck to the teeth is then broken down by bacteria and the chemicals produced erode the enamel causing tooth decay. It is thus important to make sure your child flosses after eating sticky candy.

Brush after Halloween Candy

Tip #2: Supervise Your Children When They Brush or Floss

High frequency of brushing or flossing does not necessarily equate to good oral hygiene. In fact, excess brushing can be harmful due to excess trauma on the gums and damage to the teeth. An important aspect is one’s brushing or flossing technique. Supervise your kids when they brush or floss, to ensure they are doing it correctly thus protecting their teeth from the worst of Halloween candy.

Tip #3 Avoid Sour Candies

What gives sour candies their test? The answer is simple; acids such as citric acid. The acid erodes your enamel setting off the process of tooth decay. Brushing may not help and may even be detrimental since the sensitized enamel is more susceptible to damage by brushing. Avoid sour candies entirely and if this is not possible, children can be sneaky, ensure your child drinks a lot of water before brushing to wash away the acid

Our sincere desire is for you and your family to enjoy Halloween. You should not restrict your kid’s sense of adventure and craving for candy. However, make sure they enjoy the perks of Halloween safely. Keep in mind the tips we have elaborated to protect your kid’s teeth from Halloween candy!


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