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“More than 50 years ago, examinations of people entering the military showed that Americans’ teeth were in pretty bad shape. Few people took good care of their teeth. There were no guidelines for how often you should see a dentist. Many dentists focused on fixing problems rather than preventing them. Dental and health organizations decided there was a need to set standards for preventive dentistry. They didn’t have much evidence, so they made a “best guess” recommendation. They said people should go to the dentist twice a year for checkups and cleaning because cavities and gum disease are preventable. Some say the first use of the twice-a-year advice actually came from Pepsodent toothpaste ads. Whatever the origins, this has proven to be a useful rule of thumb for many people. But scheduling dental visits really should be based upon each person’s oral hygiene, habits, and medical conditions” (Colgate).  It is stats and studies like this that compel the dental community to continue with education and outreach so more people understand the importance of dental care. Working with your local Naperville dentist is the single best way you can protect your teeth and gums!

Protect Your Teeth and Gums With Local Dental Care

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A regular dental checkup helps you stay on guard and serves as an effective way to catch dental problems when they first start so they can be addressed before they develop into major dental issues. Here at Comfort Care Family Dental, we recommend our patients who have no other health or dental concerns to worry about getting seen every 6 months for a general dental checkup and cleaning session. When you are not sitting in the dentist’s chair, you still need to be active and proactive with your dental care. The best ways you can do this is by keeping up with good practices concerning your use of toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash. It is easy to protect your teeth and gums if you take the right choice for what you use day in and day out to take care of them.

Finding the Right Mouthwash


We know we need mouthwash to help fight bacterial infections and other dental issues. Unfortunately, almost all commercial mouthwashes are alcohol-based. This is what causes that terrible burning sensation most people have come to associate with mouthwash. Many people believe that without that burn then the mouthwash is not effective and is not doing a good job at protecting and cleaning your teeth and gums.  The truth is that alcohol in mouthwashes today can dry out your mouth damage the sensitive tissue of your gums, damage your teeth, and throw off the natural ph in your mouth. This can lead to gum disease, dry mouth, oral lesions, and even cancer. This is terrifying news when you consider how many people have been using alcohol-based mouthwashes since their childhood! Thankfully, new brands are being created that offer a safer and more natural approach to dental care.

Protect Your Teeth and Gums With Alcohol-Free Mouthwashes

Here are six burn-free and alcohol-free mouthwashes that you can start with today to protect your teeth without all of the harmful side effects associated with traditional mouthwashes.



Act’s mouthwash is one of the strongest mouthwashes with fluoride you can get without a prescription from your doctor or dentist.  It contains 0.05 percent fluoride and helps strengthen your enamel and teeth so you can rest a bit more confident that your teeth are being taken care of. This mouthwash provides protection against cavities and gum disease.



A dry mouth is not just annoying it can be detrimental to your oral health. A dry mouth is more susceptible to bacterial growth and your teeth and gums can be damaged easier when they are dried out. So, using mouthwashes made to moisten the mouth is a great way to protect your teeth and gums by keeping them hydrated and clean.



This mouthwash is different from many traditional rinses in that it contains zero parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. This means you can use it daily without worrying about harmful chemicals and side effects. It is made using tea tree oil to kill bacteria and remove tartar build-up, plus cinnamon and clove oils for a fresh smelling and lean feeling mouth.



If your gums bleed easily from simple brushing and flossing, then you need to try this botanical option for your mouth washing needs. It contains 20 percent aloe vera gel to keep gingivitis in check and is also made with anti-inflammatory echinacea and healing calendula. This rinse will help heal your gums and protect them from further damage.



There are many products out there today to help whiten your teeth. Of them all, this is probably one of the easiest. Simply rinse on to two times a day as you normally would. This alcohol-free mouthwash uses hydrogen peroxide to remove surface stains and has other ingredients designed to protect your teeth and make it harder for them to stain.



If you want a mouthwash that can help with general oral health without the burn of alcohol rinses this is the one for you. This multitasking rinse is pH balanced to prevent acidic build-up and helps fight tartar and gum disease with every use. The addition of peppermint oil keeps your breath smelling fresh without harsh chemicals and synthetic fresheners.

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If you have questions about these products or would like to learn about other ways to keep your teeth and gums healthy and your breath fresh without harsh chemical laden mouthwashes, contact us today! We are here to help you find the best ways to protect your teeth and gums so call and schedule an appointment with us today!

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