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How to Choose a General Dentist in Naperville

Finding a general dentist in Naperville can be an intimidating and even frightening prospect especially in areas where there are many dentists to choose from. You know oral health is important and that it is key to maintaining your overall health and wellbeing, but how do you make sure you are going to the right dentists? When you are faced with such an important decision, it can be hard to know where to even start. That is why the dental care team here at Comfort Care Family Dental wanted to share some advice. So here are a few things to consider when you need to choose a general dentist in Naperville or the surrounding areas:

Start with the Basics

Regular dental visits are critical to ensuring not just your dental health but your overall health as well. So, you need to have a dentist who is able to take care of you and your unique dental needs. Some things to consider as you look at the dentists in your area include:

  • Can you get to the office easily from home or on the way home from work?
  • Do they have office hours and appointment times that work for your schedule?
  • If you have dental benefits, are they covered by your dental insurance plan?
  • Does the staff speak your language and if not do they offer interpreters?
  • Is the dentist a member of the ADA and are they licensed and insured?

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Launch the Search

Each individual has a unique set of teeth and with them a unique set of dental issues that may need to be dealt with. This is why you need to do a personalized search. You can take recommendations from others and take their experience into consideration but always keep your unique situation and needs in mind as you search. Check online for websites and searches for a dentist in your local area. Make sure you check out the reviews and online ratings and customer feedback as well! It can make a big difference in your search for a general dentist in Naperville. You can also discover dentists to check out by looking in the paper and being mindful of ads on TV and the radio throughout the week. Chances are you will easily be able to get a list of five or more offices to look into.

Meet and Greet

With so many dentists to choose from, it is important that you choose one that will be able to take care of all your specific dental needs. Once you have your list of dentists you are interested in, call each one and talk to the staff. How do they treat you and how do they react to your questions- it can tell you a lot about the practice as a whole. Experience in the dental field is also important to consider along with ensuring they are committed to continued training and education. To find the right dentist, you should not be shy or feel embarrassed about calling or visiting the dentists and talking with someone in person before you make a final decision about who you will choose. A few questions you might want to ask a general dentist in Naperville:

  • Will they take the time to explain procedures in detail if you wish and take the time to answer your questions?
  • Do they offer preventative tips and ideas to help you take care of your teeth between dental visits and appointments?
  • How does the dentist deal with emergencies and how will they handle your dental needs outside of normal office hours?
  • Is the office staff used to dealing with your insurance company and do they offer financial payment plans and options if needed?
  • Will you have access to your dental records and reports and how will your records be protected and shared with your medical team?

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Pick a Partner

Above all, you want to choose a dentist who can be a part of your total health care team. So much of your dental health can impact your overall health. Make sure your general dentist in Naperville is one who will be a partner with you rather than just a drill sergeant telling you what to do once or twice a year.  It is important to find someone who will work with you and who will adjust care plans and their normal process as needed to accommodate your needs. They should be understanding of fears and uncertainties you have such as fear of needs, sensitivity to pain, and the like. A good dentist is one who does what they can to accommodate you rather than forcing you to accommodate their process and methods. Asking a dentist what they can do for you is extremely important especially if you have a touch of dentaphobia. When your dentist understand where you are coming from and what you deal with from the very start they can more easily develop a dental care plan that is right for you. So be honest and open with your dental team and if they do not seem supportive, understanding, or willing to adapt to your needs then it might be best to look for another dental team.

The Comfort Care Family Dental Difference

A dentist who is committed to your dental health will help you take care of your teeth and gums as well as your overall health and wellbeing. They will work with you and help you through the process as a partner, which is something few people ever find.  That is what you get here at Comfort Care Family Dental- quality care, personalized service, supportive communication, and pleasant experiences. We put you and your dental health above anything else and we are committed to providing you and your family with the very best as your general dentist in Naperville. Contact us today for a face to face consultation with our dental team and see for yourself why more residents trust us for their dental care needs!

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