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5 Tips for Caring for Your Porcelain Veneers

It is a big step to invest time and money into revamping your smile with porcelain veneers, and once you have taken that step, you will want to protect your investment! Taking care of porcelain veneers is essential to their longevity and here at Comfort Care Family Dental, we have come up with the top five tips we provide to our patients after they get veneers. So, from our team experts who specialize in cosmetic dentistry in Naperville here is what you need to know about taking care of porcelain veneers:


Don’t Chew Hard Items

Biting and chewing are common nervous habits- biting nails, chewing on pens and pencils, crunching ice, chewing hard candy, and other similar items are very common but can be devastating for your teeth. Veneers are not as strong as natural teeth so they can be easily damaged by the impact of chewing on these sorts of items.

Get Your Veneers Polished

Cosmetic dentists can help with the finer details of taking care of porcelain veneers and one service you should take advantage of is polishing. For cosmetic dentistry in Naperville, our team can help you get the most out of your dental work by polishing your veneers. This helps keep them clean, bright, and shiny!

Avoid Stains and Discolorations

Porcelain veneers are by nature more stain resistant than natural tooth material, but they can still be stained and the tooth laying under the veneer can become stained in some cases too. Avoid food and drink that can stain teeth- coffee, tea, wine, chocolate and berries- and if you do consume them brush or rinse your mouth as soon as possible after eating!

Protect Your Teeth

When you play sports, or work out at the gym, or go bike riding be sure to protect your teeth.  Mouthguards can be a real smile saver! Impacts to the face can chip or break veneers or cause them to break off the tooth. There is also the chance the tooth itself could be damaged so badly it falls out, taking the veneer with it!

Quit Grinding

A surprising number of people suffer from tooth grinding, also known and bruxism, whether they realize it or not. This grinding pressure wears teeth down and causes chips and fractures. It can also damage veneers too! This is just one way that we can help our patient find the best way to go about taking care of porcelain veneers– correcting any underlying issues that may exist.
To learn more about the different types of cosmetic dentistry in Naperville that are available and for more help taking care of porcelain veneers, contact Comfort Care Family Dental today and let our team of experts help you protect your perfect smile!


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